Meet the Team

Management Team

Gregory A. Reid

President of Salient MLP Complex

Gregory A. Reid is a partner and president of Salient’s MLP Complex. Prior to joining Salient, Greg was a founder and CEO of RDG Capital LLC, a Houston-based asset management firm specializing in MLP investments. RDG was acquired by Salient in 2011. More»

Ted Gardner, CFA

Managing Director & Lead Portfolio Manager – MLP Complex

Ted Gardner is a managing director and serves as co-portfolio manager at Salient in the firm’s MLP complex. He oversees and coordinates all investment modeling, due diligence, company visits and management conferences. Ted formerly served as portfolio manager and director of research at RDG Capital LLC. More»

Parag Sanghani, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Director of Research – MLP Complex

Parag Sanghani is the director of research at Salient in the firm’s MLP complex. Parag has over a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Salient in 2011, he served as the senior MLP analyst at Telemus from 2008 to 2009. More»

Scott Fogleman

Senior Analyst

Scott Fogleman is a senior analyst at Salient in the firm’s MLP complex. Prior to joining Salient in 2013, Scott worked at Credit Suisse in Houston as an associate analyst concentrating on energy MLPs. More»

Dan Hinds, CFA

Senior Research Analyst

Dan Hinds is a senior research analyst at Salient in the firm’s MLP complex. Prior to joining Salient in 2012, Dan was an associate vice president of equities research at Morgan Keegan where he covered MLPs in energy and infrastructure. More»

Eddie Rowe

Senior Research Analyst

Eddie Rowe is a senior research analyst at Salient in the firm’s MLP complex. His primary responsibilities include research, energy infrastructure analysis, and various macro topics within the midstream space. More»

MLPs are entities structured as master limited partnerships, and their affiliates. Master limited partnerships are limited partnerships and limited liability companies that are publicly traded and are treated as partnerships for federal income tax purposes.

Our Strategies will invest primarily in companies located in North America, but they may invest in companies located anywhere in the world.

MLPs are subject to certain MLP tax risks and risks associated with accounting for their deferred tax liability which could materially reduce their value.